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Idk, i may just have bad luck, but the first group was composed of very good players, so i am kind of dumbstruck. I still think it needs nerfing, because all prior bosses are easy.
This is definitely the problem with the flashpoint model but by no means a reason for a nerf, the fights are generally very interesting for the endbosses, if anything the rest of the instance needs to be tuned up instead of endbosses tuned down. The first bosses are always very very easy but the endboss comparitively is usually quite a bit harder (most of the HM FP endbosses are actually far harder than the normal raid bosses apart from maybe Soa).

Dont treat HM Flashpoints as the only way to gear though just because thats what you have done in other MMOs where it goes levelling -> 5mans -> raids, you should easily be able to PuG 4/5 NM EV and Bonethrasher even in just leveled gear which give absolute ****tons of Columni gear.

Remember in this game the progression order is:

Levelling -> 4man NM L50s (D7/Ilum/Emperor)(optional) -> Tionese HM Flashpoint bosses (all that are not endbosses, endbosses drop Columni) -> NM raids -> Columni HM Flashpoint bosses -> HM raids -> Nightmare Raids

You can do pretty much everything except nightmare in just levelled gear but it will get more difficult the further along you go.