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01.03.2012 , 12:13 AM | #3
This is so true. Now sure you can clear HM BP if you have a well-geared, high-skill group except it is supposed to be second easiest HM FP after BT, and most people by this point aren't well-geared. Foundry is just ridiculous, now sure some crazy good people can burn through his Force Lightning, but that is nowhere near most of us. I can run that with a group I know, and not have a single wipe or serious problem, but we can't clear the end boss because one of his attacks is bugged out? That is pathetic, and it is a shame it went live like this. Bioware, please focus on major endgame progression bugs/problems. Quality of Life things are frustrating/annoying, but aren't so critical that they become insurmountable hurdles for your customers such as bugged/heavily overtuned Hard Mode Flashpoints.