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"Fanboys who think BioWare can do no wrong"....

Get that stigma out of your narrow mind, and MAYBE you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

BioWare is doing what they can to keep from allowing a new economy to become broken, and all you can do is quote me exploits from an already broken economy. Please, try to do better.

Yes, it's unfortunate that some who have found and.... taken advantage of those loopholes... had to be "paused" for a little while.

Well, if it keeps the economy in check, more power to them, and SMALL SACRIFICE.
The economy needs people who farm credits as their game "life" to survive.

Why do you think servers thrive so much despite all the gold sellers? The gold sellers put stuff on the AH for ridiculously low prices, which are then bought and put up for a profit (from the buying player). Gold sellers, while bad, generate their massive amount of income (of credits) via the AH (GNT in this case) and it, amazingly helps smooth the economy overall. The only issue is when credits are bought for real life money.