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Yes he does. The first post.

Seriously. Knock it off. You're making assumptions where there is no evidence to support them as an excuse to rage at Bioware. Then when people call you on your assumptions, are going "LOL WHERE'S YOU'RE EVIDENCE!?".

That's not being clever. That's being distressingly obtuse in the favor of deliberately avoiding addressing the situation at hand.
Temporary bans where given for people farming in level 50 zones. I thought this had been clarified by now.

In this scenario temporary bans are not as bad but still extremely ridiculous. We can debate about this further if you'd like.

EDIT: Why are you even back on these forums anyway? We had debunked you as an obvious fanboy troll pages ago when you claimed the people banned had been botting/exploiting. You had no proof and I asked you for proof. Do you not see how hypocritical your being here?