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It's effectively the same thing. A level 1 hoards so much of the market economy because he has the power to, and then sells it for more thus making a profit. Ergo, a level 1 stays in 1 spot on Ilum and continually opens chests granting him credits over time.

Both result in 1 thing: the player has worked, whether it's hard or easy, to get credits and so is rewarded. However Bioware are angry about this and temp banning people for ... playing the game as it was designed.

I hate fanboys who think Bioware can do no wrong. >_>
"Fanboys who think BioWare can do no wrong"....

Get that stigma out of your narrow mind, and MAYBE you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

BioWare is doing what they can to keep from allowing a new economy to become broken, and all you can do is quote me exploits from an already broken economy. Please, try to do better.

Yes, it's unfortunate that some who have found and.... taken advantage of those loopholes... had to be "paused" for a little while.

Well, if it keeps the economy in check, more power to them, and SMALL SACRIFICE.
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