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You specifically claim that these people have been exploiting and botting. Do you have proof of this?

Otherwise I prefer to give the consumer the benefit of the doubt and from what I've read in this forum and others it sounds much more like a game design flaw than a bug or exploit.

I've already asked you numerous times to clarify why you think its an exploit and you've decided to instead drop out of the conversation.

Either explain why you believe this to be true or I'm not sure you can honestly bring anything else to the table anyway.

Edit: You can't rage over people assuming its Bioware's fault when you obviously are just assuming the opposite. See how they are both assumptions? Either you have proof its botting/exploiting that you are withholding or you're just assuming it was the consumers to blame.
Yes he does. The first post.

Seriously. Knock it off. You're making assumptions where there is no evidence to support them as an excuse to rage at Bioware. Then when people call you on your assumptions, are going "LOL WHERE'S YOU'RE EVIDENCE!?".

That's not being clever. That's being distressingly obtuse in the favor of deliberately avoiding addressing the situation at hand.