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01.02.2012 , 11:36 PM | #1
After taking a look at the public test server area on the forums, reading the patch notes etc, i am extremely disappointed.

Unless i am mistaken Revan one shotting your party is not working as intended and limits the amount of hard modes the Empire can complete. And at the same time is it alright that the 3 bosses at the end of boarding party should be nigh on impossible to kill, it can be done but not without wiping for a long time and kiting the boss around in their enrage, and ofc not to mention 1 wipe means no loot.

Now i see a fix for the only major hard mode bug on republic side. Cool, how is this fair to the other side of the game? Republic have access to 6 working hard modes, thats 2 more than Empire can successfully do. Not to mention that 3 of the 4 that empire have are quite difficult without the proper equipment/strategy(they are doable with the correct strategy, but most of the time you will hit an enrage timer.)

I'm not asking for these to really be made easier, just fix the problems so that you don't wipe 20 times trying to finish boarding party, and you get no loot from the boss. I don't mind a challenge, lots of people don't mind a challenge, but when the challenge appears to require more than just coordination and skill, but also a base level of equipment unattainable without doing hard modes that atm are overtuned(Medic hitting 3-4k crits in BP, Chief hitting your party with 2-3k hits every 5-10s). It is quite infuriating.