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You assume I click with my mouse because I think that the people who use dps meters to stroke their epeen are gits? Thats a huge leap of non logic.

And like I said, this isn't wow, most of the dps classes heal as well, so again, what are you gonna do, kick your healer for not dpsing enough? Don't think you can classify me or my playstyle because I dislike internet dilholes that think a number makes them better than someone else.
it actually makes them better in the game, not in life. I dont say that YOU are exactly click with your mouse. And not because ppl use dps meters but because you are bad( not you exactly). If it isnt wow it made because of wow and it took A LOT from wow. Nohting to shame for devs. Addons was a good part of WOW and made it challenging. And multiplayer game are all about challenge.