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Yea, calling BS.

Go troll somewhere else.
All hardmode bosses are doable without a tank for example my group has always consisted of a 3 dps and healer ( merc,marauder,operative,inquis) 80% of the time merc tanking though. Video here of our Revan hardmode kill for example(dont click if you dont want to ruin the fight for yourself ofcourse) i'm not the one who recorded it though i play the merc which i have 19.5k hp buffed in full pve dps gear.

But yeah the hardmodes are abit of a joke that they can be achieved with setups like this but its possible easy, we also have done more than enough bosses with my companion mako offhealing with 1 healer + 2dps, shame the hardmodes aren't actually that challenging.
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