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That's okay because if Bioware decides to leave the UI as is, there won't be an endgame here for very long either.

Its star wars, its not going anywhere for a long time.

UI should be customizable, I hate that I can't move things around to my liking.

Dmg meters... if they are personal I am fine with that, but I am not going to kow tow to some raid fanatic because my dps may be 1% to low for his satisfaction.

Healbot... no need. I can heal just fine without one.

And yeah this isn't wow, I do heals AND dps. And if my dps isn't good enough for you, guess who isn't getting any heals.

I am against anything that allows some git to think he has the right to talk down on anyone for performance. there is no auto attack in this game, if you can't spot someone slacking off just by looking at them, then YOU are the one who is deficient.