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So 2 weeks after the release, all PvE content has been beaten:

PvP related: T2 violet artifact stuff being done randomly to everyone in bags.

So now everyone is almost full stuff T2 PvP grinding to level 60 PvP to get even better stuff randomly in better bags.

Yes, they apparently forgot to hire a game designer
does that mean deathwing hc was bad design too? i mean it's not like it took kin raiders long to kill it.

and the only reason it didn't die sooner was because blizz got the math wrong on spine making almost unkillable.

what about firelands where rag hc was down in a matter of weeks and the bosses prior to him were litteraly facerolled pre nerf? never mind post nerf.

raids are not suppose to be doable by just the elite of the players if they were what the hell would be the point in adding them into the game at all?