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If people start using addons, then everyone will need addons in order to balance out the game. Just because it makes it easier for you just makes YOU bad.

Some advice, achieve goals in life, play games for fun. You will feel much better.

Kicking someone from the group because they have more of a life than you, or may have less IQ doesn't mean you have the right to punish them. Get over yourself narcissist.
Right, because wiping repeatedly on bosses because someone is doing half the dps of the tank is super fun. And watching your buff bars for reactive abilities is super difficult and totally not just tedious.

I'm beginning to suspect that the people in opposition to addons and UI customization haven't played an MMO at endgame since 2004. That's okay because if Bioware decides to leave the UI as is, there won't be an endgame here for very long either.