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Some advice, achieve goals in life, play games for fun. You will feel much better.

Kicking someone from the group because they have more of a life than you, or may have less IQ doesn't mean you have the right to punish them. Get over yourself narcissist.
Quite comical.

If you are continually whiping on a boss fight and you notice your bottom dps is doing 30 percent less damage than your other dps and constantly taking damage from things he shouldnt be, you are supposed to say it is fine we will just continue to whipe just for fun.

They should find people that are more like them and not try and join a progression endgame guild then...

Nothing Narcissist about it. I play the game to have fun and fun for me is completing all the content.

Whiping consistently and not being able to tell why and who is not doing their job isnt...
Just try and keep up...