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Absolutely amazes me that some people are against ui customization, wow... just wow. Stop being bad and let people who want to use addons use addons.
If people start using addons, then everyone will need addons in order to balance out the game. Just because it makes it easier for you just makes YOU bad.

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Anyone that says they do not want any type of dps meters in the game is either very bad or very confused.

Dps/Heal meters - Seperate the bad players from the good.

It shows you...
who is active the most during a fight
who is taking the most damage and from what
who is healing the most
the abilities people are using and how often

Looking at the results of a dps meter will show you many things about a player and whether they know what they are doing or not. So if you do not want this in the game then clearly you are not a endgame player or have any idea what endgame is about.

If players are bad and dont understand their class well they shouldn't hold back a guild from clearing content and should be exposed.

As far as everything else, you can live without most of it and just adapt. Good players will
Some advice, achieve goals in life, play games for fun. You will feel much better.

Kicking someone from the group because they have more of a life than you, or may have less IQ doesn't mean you have the right to punish them. Get over yourself narcissist.