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01.02.2012 , 08:26 PM | #9
Ok, Ok, I'll bite, gods know I can't resist a juicy looking worm when I see one.

"* game interface mods*" That crap is too large, I'd rather simplify it and put everything in one place. The whole side to side bars, I suppose the side bars wouldn't be too bad if they allowed more than the most basic of keybinds.

* G-score* Was worthless and long since fell out of use. You know better than that.

* healbot* Where the hell have you been? Healbot hasn't functioned like this since vanilla... like 6 years ago. All it does now is make a smaller raid frame, allow for mouse over targeting, make debuffs easier to see and allow for a broader range of keybinds. You have to decide what heal to use on who.

* dps/healmeters* A necessary tool for serious raiders that's been co-opted by epeen strokers everywhere. Just make it optional and nonlinkable and have done with it.

* deadly boss mods* Could do without this one

There you go, you can now proudly go home and say you caught the big one.
You trolls are just too darn cute to resist.