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Lich king hardmode actually took almost 2 months to down after being unlocked and this was by the best of the best raiders 90% people didnt even kill it with the 30% buff
Oh please, WoW learned its lesson with bosses getting killed too quickly after release, so they just did the sensible thing and made them mathematically impossible to beat. They wait 2-3 months and patch the game, nerfing the encounter to actually be beatable, world first kill comes within a few hours of the patch.

TOR very well may fail. Who knows. I'm just getting tired of every single MMO releasing and being lynched because it is too much like WoW or not enough like WoW. Focus on what you'd like to see changed and advocate for that. All these threads detailing why the game is worthless accomplish nothing. What does it even accomplish? What is the motivation to make the thread? Hell, I played FFXIV at launch. I didn't feel compelled to make a lengthy post about quitting it, I just quit.