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You're right who needs challenging bosses or any kind of endgame really when you got such amazing quests......
Well apart from the fact thet when you level to level 5 you have experienced every single quest the game has to offer up to lvl. 50.
Its kill/collect XXX from lvl 1 to 50 with no exeption whatsoever.

Oh ye after 15 min playing and doing your first 7 trashpulls you have experienced any kind of mob pull you will encounter in the next 45 levels.

And btw OP didnt just down "a raidboss" as you say, they cleared everything the game has to offer.
So one small group of players has cleared all the content in the game after two weeks.

So what? This happens in every single MMO; did you think it wasn't going to happen here?

So 0.00001% of the player base now has nothing "new" to do. How does that affect you? How does it affect me? Answer: it doesn't.

And if you don't enjoy the gameplay of MMOs, go play a different game. Nobody is keeping you here.