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to all lof you who simply say to any of this; addons, macroš's custom Ui's;

"you dont want them, dont use em" well how about you dont spam them in our face and make it so we HAVE to use them to make you shut up.

example-* game interface mods*

so, you cannot play with 2 bars on the bottom, and one on each side, man.. i feel for you, (not) maybe if you learn how to place your abilities you actually need in a good way, keybind what you can, place combo spells next to eachother,

heres a tip* combat skills goes to first row, CD spells go just under it, buffs, healing items, on the side, shells, stances on the other in a row,
not that hard ppl, coming from a 50 operative, i got healing, dps, ranged, melee, social items, crafted special items, my shells, worked out, guess what, all it took was 10 min to set it up after i dinged 50, you need to build an UI with what the game offers you, see it as a challange, dont expect the real world to let you simple re-arange something to your liking.

(im still horrified by the in game footage i have of a player playing wow, with 2 BUTTONS, and he is raiding with it... i mean it 2 buttons 1 for dps 1 for healing, NOTHING ELSE.

example-* G-score*

well then, please turn your attention to wow, where you cannot enter a single heroic instance and raid if you are not a full time raider who do nothing but spam the latest of the latest raid content, only to be shouted at upon LOADING maybe 3 seconds if they are slow, the following; OMGWTF IS YOUR GSCORE! USUCK!! and then either try to /kick you, or ragequit themselves, sound familiar? welcome to g-score!

(note the person has just made a complete judgment about the player based on the data his addon has given him, g-score low = very bad player avoid like the plague) for all he knows the player knows more about the tactics inside *watever place they have entered* better then he himself does, does he care? why should he gs is low, autokick*

*also fyi, this is a heroic, game interface let me in, alas my gear is whats needed, the developers put those restrictions in remember* player is ignored and still autokicked* welcome to gs again!

wow has stopped being about the game, now its all about who can get the best gear fastest for the lowest effort, dont belive me? please... close your addon interface window and take another look.


example-* healbot*

players managed to heal fine without this for along time, all it needed was to turn your eyes -slightly- to the side and watch the healthbars, and then calculate in your head swiftly, which heal do i need to cast? if you have played a healer for any period of time and have any experience that goes past *i just respecced healer what i dooo??* you should have a rough idea of how long each of you heals cast timers are, how much they rougly heal, depending on your healing targets health, if you dont know this, dont play a healer, for both our sakes please....

example-* dps/healmeters*

omg no,

the spam of chats here we are again. *rolls eyes*
i think most know what i mean by that, to see 4 players spam recount at once, in the end of wow made me totally ignore the /p chat, you do your job to the best you can, you cant autoattack in this game, its fairly easy to see who is slacking, (psst they dont move *nods* not hard to tell)

wow's raiding developers now USE this to design the new raid content crushing down the numbers that you want, alas, if you have any interest in raiding you WILL NEED to get it, (thus your argument; dont want it dont get it* turns invalid)
at first before addon's ppl took 15 min to explain tactics, passing a raid was a feat, it wasnt just something you did twice in one night cause you where bored,
now all you need to know, is nicely placed on the web, spam this premade macro of, 1 1 1 1 1 1 2, 1 1 1 1 1 2, and you will max out your dps,

players are no longer required to think on this level, all you do, is go download a macro, spam it, and hello!

example-* deadly boss mods*

did this boss spit fire... it looks like a dragon... do i avoid tail.. i cant remember... maybe i should ask.. ohh no wait.. i just actiavate my addon, people will think i know what to do since all the info i will need will be spammed on my screen in my face that others can do without the addon ITS PERFECT FOR ME! i dont need to remember or know ****!

^ this was actually said in raid chat of my endgame raiding guild in wow, guess how long it took him to get kicked. (under 30 seconds im not lyin, i laugh still thinking about it)

example-* macro's*

credits/gold/platinum spammers here we come galore!
closely followed by 1-2 button spammers, who just copy pasted a macro from the web to max out healing/dps/threat.


again, players dont need to think, abusers have an easy time to reach the ingame market. no ty.


player 1; i say to you this, dont want them? dont use them? duuuh.

player 2; so tell me, if you get these, how long will it take for me, before i HAVE TO get them to compete? to even get an invite to where you are going?
(btw i have memorized the bosses i know what to and my gear is in the level of whats nee... ahh ok i understand il just be over here then)

player 1; dont know anything, he just uppdates addon and follows the screen popups.
^this is todays wow gamebase.

player 2; reads up on the bosses, studies, plans days ahead.
^this USED to be is gamebase.

guess who of these now rule wow.
anyone wanna hand me a lightsaber i wanna cut of the head of player 1 before he can infect others.

*now how to solve this?*

deadly boss mods*

ok i can understand that some ppl want to see a enrage timer on the boss, sort of like a countdown before he bassicly kills you all, dont need an addon for that, developers can simply add in a countdown just the same as they have in warzones, no bigie.


kill it with fire, i wont even consider this.

Custom UI,
at best, let players rearange the bars already in the game, nothing else. rift did this.

meters, macro's

for the love of all that is nonspam, nooo!


... ok, you'r level 50, you dont know how much your basic heal does when you cast it, not how long it takes too cast it, hmmmm yeah you fail, you have a brain, use it.

now... let the flamming begin.