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Hi all,

This guide is intended to help all players who have chosen the Armormech crafting skill. Please if you find anything in this guide that is incorrect or inconsistent with your own experience, then post and I shall investigate and update.

Huge thanks to Slaign and all those who have contributed to the RE thread from which most of our wealth of knowledge on this subject comes from and from whom I have taken the basis for this thread.

For a full guide to all things Reverse Engineering please see

Armormech Crafting Guide

Armormech is a crew skill that allows you to create Medium and Heavy Armour for the non force users - Bounty Hunter/Trooper & Imperial Agent/Smuggler.

Primary Stats on Crafted Heavy Armour are:


Primary Stats on Crafted Medium Armour are:


Secondary Stats (Starting around Level 16 Schematics)

Critical Rating
Surge Rating
Accuracy Rating
Absorption Rating

NB This list is not yet complete

Armormech has 2 gathering skills attached to it

Underworld Trading - Underworld Metals
Scavenging - Scavenged metals, compounds and fluxes.

Please read these threads for more details

Schematics for Armour come from 2 main places

Purchased from a trainer

Schematics come in pairs for each item type at set item level intervals. For example you can purchase schematics for 2 Heavy Belts for levels 9, 13, 17, 25, etc. and 2 Heavy Boots for 9, 16, 21 etc.

The Schematics follow a regular naming convention so for each item type you will see the same names repeating

Heavy Power
Tactical Assault
Heavy Military
Hardened Assault

There does not appear to be any logic that links the name to the stats on the item for example

Heavy Power Belt +15 Aim +10 Endurance
Heavy Power Gauntlets +19 Aim +33 Endurance

So there is no advantage to having a matched set of Heavy Power gear as it would average out your Aim and Endurance stats rather than enhancing your primary

Mission and Game drops

Mission and game drop schematics are better in terms of Stats than Trainer bought schematics for the same (or slightly higher) character level.

For example

Heavy Mobile Greaves (Lvl 22)
+23 Aim
+19 Endurance
+9 Critical
307/54 Armour

RD-13B Striker Greaves (Lvl 20)
+24 Aim
+20 Endurance
+10 Critical
321/56 Armour

Handy Trick when Purchasing Schematics

This question seems to come up a lot, so instead of posting the same response each week I thought I would add this here.

"When buying schematics from the GTN I cannot see whether I know them already"

Actually there is a way, it isn't all that brilliant, but does work.

Step 1. You need to open your crew skill window and drag the icon for your crafting skill to a toolbar. (To be clear, one of the three small icons listed at the top, NOT the individual crewmembers larger icons)

Step 2. Open the GTN

Step 2. Close your inventory

Step 4. select the crafting skill from the toolbar.

This will allow both the crafting and GTN windows to be open at the same time.

The downside, is that (at least on my system), the GTN window overlays the crafting window and obscures the start of the schematic name. You can however still scroll down and click on the names to see them in the top right of the crafting window. Some judiscious use of the search features in the crafting window can also help a lot.

Not an elegant solution, but I hope it assists a little.

Reverse Engineering

The key to success with Armormech is in the Reverse Engineering (RE) mechanic. Each time you RE an item you have created from a schematic, there is a % chance to learn a new more advanced schematic

Each schematic has 2 tiers of advancement (prefix) possible

Tier 1 prefix upgrades
There are 3 Tier 1 Prefixes, each of which Adds an additional stat boost or increases an existing stat on the item

Critical - Adds a Critical Rating boost
Redoubt - Adds a Defense Rating boost
Overkill - Adds a Power boost

All Tier 1 prefix upgrades boost the Armour values of the item by the same amount


Heavy Mobile Boots
+22 Aim
+18 Endurance
+9 Critical Rating
184/52 Armour

After creating a set of boots from this schematic, the RE gives a chance to learn

Critical Heavy Mobile Boots
+22 Aim
+18 Endurance
+19 Critical Rating
218/60 Armour

Tier 2 prefix upgrades
For each of the 3 Tier 1 prefixes there are 5 Tier 2 Prefixes that can be made, each of which adds an additional stat.
There are 5 Stats that can be added:


The table below shows how the Tiers relate



All Tier 2 prefix upgrades boost the Armour values of the item by the same amount
Adding a Tier 2 prefix improves the Tier 1 prefix stat as well
A Tier 2 prefix item also has a (Superior) Tag added to it

Using our Previous example

After creating a set of Critical Heavy Mobile Boots, the RE gives a chance to learn

Tempest Heavy Mobile Boots (Superior)
+22 Aim
+18 Endurance
+21 Critical Rating
+12 Shield Rating
244/64 Armour

NB Tier 1 & 2 prefix schematics do not alter the Item level in any way. If the base schematic is a level 22 item then the schematic with a Tier 2 prefix will also be level 22

IMHO, schematics with the Tier 2 Prefixes provide some seriously good pieces of armour at level, easily as good as if not better than in game drops, and comparable to modded armour (at that level).

A note on terminology

Please note that the word Tier is used in 2 different ways on these forums.

Slaign's Reverse Engineering Guide uses "Tier 1" and "Tier 2" to refer to the prefixes (as I have done above). Others use "Tier 1 - 3" to refer to the three levels of schematics.

Base Schematic No Prefix (1 per item) - Tier 1 Schematic - Tier 1 Item

Schematic with Tier 1 Prefix (3 per item) - Tier 2 Schematic - Tier 2 item

Schematic with Tier 2 Prefix (15/14 per item) - Tier 3 Schematic - Tier 3 item

To avoid confusion I will only use the word Tier to refer to the prefixes and will always use phrasing like "Item with tier 1 prefix".

Augment Slot

The other mechanic in Armormech crafting is the chance to roll a "crit" when creating an item. When you craft an item there is a small % chance of creating an Augmented version of the item. What this does is add an additional mod slot to the item to allow the installation of Augments. Augmentable items have a (Exceptional), (Advanced), (Mastercraft) tags added

For example

Heavy Mobile Boots (Exceptional)
+22 Aim
+18 Endurance
+9 Critical Rating
184/52 Armour
Augment - Open

NB: There seems to be some evidence that these tags are not always consistent, I shall add more info as it becomes available.

Long Term Crafting Goals

In an ideal world, for every base template you receive you would do the following

Craft the basic Item
RE for a chance of a schematic with Tier 1 prefix
Repeat until you have all 3 Schematics
Craft the items
RE for a chance of a schematic with Tier 2 prefix
Repeat until you have all 15 Schematics
When an item is required, craft for a chance of a crit
If no crit RE for materials and repeat
Successful Tier 2 prefix item with Augment slot

In practice, with 100's of schematics this is unlikely to be practicle unless you have 100's of gatherers feeding you materials. Also the crafting time alone would be horrendous.

However targetting specific items for youself or your freinds/guildies/global market is possible.

So if you have a requirement for

Level 20 - 22 Boots (Heavy Armour)

Prime stat: Endurance
Secondary Stats: Defense & Shield

You know you need to make

Veracity Hardened Assualt Boots

If you don't have the schematic it is an easy target as you can RE the basic schematic until you get the Redoubt version. Then RE the Redoubt version until you get the Veracity. Then you just need to keep crafting the Veracity until you get a crit roll and add the Augment slot (assuming this is possible). Job done

Now before people start thinking cool, I'll get my order in to my freind/guildie now, there are a couple of caveats

All Armormechs will want to get their crafting skill as high as possible. Crafting lower level items doesn't improve your crafting skill, so spending time working on something below level is a non rewarding time sink.

Crafting materials are expensive. Many can only be gotten from Underworld Trading missions and as such are rare. For example Alusteel (Grade 2 material) is on sale in the Trading House for (prices may vary) 500 credits for 1. Level 20+ schematics often require 4-8 of these a go.

I have yet to fully research how many times you would need to craft to get a specific Tier 2 item with an augment slot but my best finger in the air would be

Assuming successful RE every 5 times (20%)
Assuming Crit roll is (5%)

1 -15 basics to get the required Tier 1 schematic
1 - 25 Tier 1's to get the required Tier 2 schematic
1 - 20 Tier 2's to get the augment slot

Total 3 - 60 avg 32 tries

32 crafts x 4 Alusteel = 128 Alusteel

Current cost 128 x 500 = 64,000 credits (just for the Alusteel component).

Personally, by concentrating on Heavy Armour, I have managed to keep my Bounty Hunter well supplied with good armour as I have levelled up. I have also managed to supply a few guildies with useful gear along the way. There is some disagreement on whether Crafted or Modable is the best way to go, at this time I don't know. I guess it's a personal choice and when we are all at the peak of our craft (and level) we shall see if the Crafted is worthwhile.