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You spent 10 HOURS on Revan HM? That is completely absurd.

It's not that hard. Get your interrupt sorted, get your tank to use defensive CDs at the right time, have your healer dps, and blast away.

Revan HM is farmable.
you clearly havent read anything that i wrote. we survived the force lightning almost every single time, but then he bugged out and stayed in the bubble and kept killing us every single time. we don't have a tank and if you watch my video farther up we're running 3 dps 1 healer setup in every single one of our hardmodes. surviving more then 2 force lightning is not an option for us at all. besides we killed him now anyways, and i dont have a problem with the force lightning, its fine, the problem we had is he kept *********** staying in the bubble NO MATTER WHEN WE PUSHED HIM BELOW 5%.
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