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1. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (Played this for over 7 years. Made so many memories on Zone and friends I still keep in touch with today. One of the early pioneers of player made MODs makes this a very important game in PC gaming history.)

2. Battlefront 2 (Played for around 5 years. While not the greatest FPS out there the subtle quirks of the class based combat and the fun of the Star Wars universe made me come back for more. Ranking in tournaments didn't hurt either. RIP Elliptical Realms)

3. X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (I was still young when this came out but being able to fly my favorite star fighters was exhilarating. The fine tuned sequal to the first two games it melded together the strengths of both and is another early Star Wars game that inspired many others in its genre.)

4. KoToR (Awesome RPG that launched a cult following of Revanites. We've all played it. So not much to say.)

5. SWGO (My first 3d MMO. Nothing like a sandbox world that let you do anything you'd like. I loved designing cities and being able to hang out in the cantina on Tatooine as a Master TK, Polearm and Fencer. The surprise from Jedi players when I could beat them was hilarious.)

Just my personal list but I really do love them all