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Even with gear Boarding Party and Foundry are probably the two hardest in game hands down as far as final bosses go for the hard modes. Directive 7 had the hardest non last boss fight out of all the heroic boss fights in the game that are not last boss fights. And as for the final boss in False Emperor(you guys don't know how to *********** label for spoilers), he has to be knocked off in the middle walkway. Just have to be careful on heroic he has a RIDICULOUS range on the knockback he does when he uses it.

As for Bulwark, like others have stated, hit the switch and CC the droids, or kill the droids and hit the switch. In Heroic you don't have time to f around so it becomes a mad rush to keep him under constant DPS. You can't interrupt the Laser Burst attack but you MUST interrupt the other one otherwise you open opportunities for non tank dps/heals to be smashed in the face.

I have also completed every HM FP in the game and I still stand by the logic of BP and Foundry being the hardest Final bosses in the game.