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If you spend too long on the long term outcomes and distant correlations every action has you'll ultimately get no where in a time frame that matters.

Im not a lore buff in any sense but hasn't the slow pace of decision making by those who like to 'consider' the long game been a subject of endless debate both in and out of stories?

Ultimately I like to see doing whats right or wrong as a very specific thing. Unique to the moment. Every decision has a larger perspective or 'cost' that could have various outcomes but that doesnt change right from wrong on the smaller level.

Help some one or don't. Theres various beliefs on it. Yet ultimately its pretty obvious that most negative actions are exactly that and vice versa. In a choice to save someones life or not, you should be looking at the individual or the 'life' of that person as important beyond all measure. It may not account for situations where you can save one person or another one depending on choice, yet if you look too far ahead or too broadly you risk getting so muddled in confusion that nothing actually gets done at all.

Bottom line. You do the best you can at the time. You stick to your beliefs and if in your heart your intentions were 'light' minded or 'dark' minded this defines you because we cant be perfect. Just aspire to be close to it. We look too much for that perfect outcome, when ulitmately things are forced on us at times. They arent choices they are ultimatums that we have little control over.

Emotions are a hard thing to battle. Very much at the core of real life as well as with SWTOR.
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