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01.02.2012 , 03:31 PM | #25
ok, here is a little info for all you people complaining about this already, and saying ANY H/T/D/D combo should be able to do this.....GET IT OUT of your mind now that this game should be so cookie cutter, if you want all things to be fair and square and combo works, go back to wow. We do not want your cookie cutter and addons and all that other trash here.

USE your heads and figure it out, if you are the group leader and you put a group together thats determined to fail, it's your fault, not BW's. There is a long walkway with a nice visable line on it before the steps, you know, the one you want to knock him off of...well here's you hint, tank him on the line, have all standing on the line, IN LINE, so that when one gets knocked back, you go to the stairs or back the oposite direction, not off the edge. If you do this, omg wait, HE IS ALREADY WHERE HE NEEDS TO BE when you need to knock him off. you just have to execute two boots and you win. If that is too difficult for you to execute, go back to pokemon or wherever you came from.