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Well your clearly referencing two quests, and frankly I completely disagree with you.
The one on Ord Mantell:
The Military on Ord Mantell is absolutely corrupt. Even as a trooper you see most of them are corrupt. Essentially, those medical goods are stolen from the refugees as well as they were "taxed" (read: extorted) on the way in. Not only is this illegal, but in most militaries this would earn you a dishonerable discharge.
Now, you may argue that the soldier protect the refugees and its fair the refugees pay towards it, but they're doing it the same way as the mafia would. By returning the medical goods to the military, you are 100% NOT supporting the protection the military is offering, but rather blind obedience to a system, and condoning its inherant corruption.
Anything beyond what would happen-the early ending of the war or further damage done to the refugees is conjecture, and thus does not have a place.

As for the senator quest, essentially, the lightside action is not breaking the rules to stop as a senator from trying to gather emperical support. I'd like to point out the action which does break the rules requires a self important arrogance-the same Anakin Skywalker has. I've heard the arguement "the Jedi are always right", but that's not true. And that's how a Jedi falls-he believes himself above the rest. Additionally, the future is not conjecture here, as the darkside action implies the senator actually gains strength through reenergization after you stop him.

Now, as for all the stuff about the force, I don't know. The Force certainally works in odd ways, I've always viewed it as neutral thoughtless-but not urgeless-sort of identity. Thus it can grow attached to certain individuals (Atton is fool, but a fool the force looks after), but has no master plan. Which I believe would go more under the Living Force. Which focuses essentially "living in the moment", which I suppose would reason why I find these results acceptable and you would not.
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