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Quote: Originally Posted by scfs View Post
1 - People of all ages are getting stomped by the class quest lines in this game.
2 - Don't tell people how to raise their kids, its rude. If they are spending time together as a family, then good for them.
1. I play with two IRL friends. None of us had any problems what so ever on our class quests so far. All three of us are in the ~40-45 levels.
2. He complains that a 10 year old finds this game difficult because she is too stubborn to ask for help and EVERYONE else must comply or his family will quit the game because of it. Guess what? My 5 year old cousin cant even make it past login screen, should I post here that the devs should change the game because he cant read english yet or else I'll quit the game?

I dont care how he raises his kid, honestly, I dont. But I find his post insulting in regards to everyone who is over 10 years old and plays this game.