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Well the Star Wars EU is such a mess that power levels are all over the place, and there's certainly some versions of SW canon that would beat 40k. Specifically I'm talking about the part of the EU where Starkiller and the Sun Crusher live.
There are 20 guys in every Space Marine chapter that could wreck face with Starkiller in hand-to-hand combat, and pull off just as many cool tricks in the middle of a fight. And those aren't even the legendary Psykers.

Factor in that every Power Weapon (standard issue to Librarians and Inquisitors, and common enough on even seargents in the Guard) generates a field of raw, destructive power (sound familiar? It's like a lightsaber with a cruncy candy center), and in addition to just plain having raw mass that lightsabers lack, is likely being swung by a 7' tall genetic demigod that may or may not be using his psychic gifts (if he has them) to amplify himself to insane levels. And he's likely wearing armor that makes counter-attacks unlikely.

Each Librarian is also equipped with a device that does nothing but allows them to completely shut down anyone trying to use psychic powers in their vicinity, and they're personally 'iron will' personified. Factor in multiple redundant vital organs, and even some new ones (acidic blood, venomous spit - I'm dead serious, too, these are STANDARD Space Marine augmentations), and are trained specifically to fight not only physical threats but daemonic/psychic threats as routine...

These are people that are born, bred, armed, and trained to literally live in combat every single moment and devote their lives to it.

The Sun Crusher would only be an issue due to the superior sublight engines. However, it's one ship - the Imperium has thousands of ships on-par or vastly superior to the Death Star that are more then happy to go from planet to planet, unleashing orbital bombardments that make Taris look like a fireworks festival. Most Imperium ships are also designed to deal with far heavier ordinance then their Star Wars counterparts are - and by extension, they're used to having to put out more. While somewhat 'indestructible' in the SW universe, something like a conversion beamer (that does nothing but convert matter into raw energy upon impact - the tougher and more dense the material targeted, the bigger the energy release) would settle the matter Sun Crusher definatively.

And none of this is exactly 'uncommon' stuff.
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