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I love how the only people that say stuff like "sinking ship" are the people who want to carbon copy everything WoW has into this game and take out everything that's different. In three months, you will be gone, so will everyone else that says this garbage, and we can get down to actually fixing what needs fixing.

Oh trust me, I have no problem with people copying WoW, what I have a problem with is the fact that Bioware copied everything BAD about WoW without copying the sense of freedom.

I think I actually enjoyed DA2 more than I enjoyed SWTOR, which isn't saying much because DA2 made me want to smash my monitor

In terms of being played as a single player, SWTOR gets a 4/10. In terms of MMO it gets a 5/10

It went from bad to average when I tried to raid. Raiding an operation which took ONE NIGHT to clear by the way.

To if you want to play SWTOR you have a choice.
-Endless rerolls
-Sitting on Carrick Station all day erry' day

Pick one