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1 - People of all ages are getting stomped by the class quest lines in this game.
2 - Don't tell people how to raise their kids, its rude. If they are spending time together as a family, then good for them.
1. People of all ages don't engage their brain and try to figure out how to best use all their abilities. The difficulty is fine-the people need to learn to play their class better and the Class quests can help you do that.

2.When you start talking about your family in a chat forum, you are asking for feedback on whatever you are discussing. And seriously, the modern day American family is a joke. Parents don't even parent their kids anymore- TV, video games, public school system, and daycare raise em because the parents are only there a few hours at most. People are badly in need of "being taught how to properly raise their kids". Maybe actually go back to having both a mom and a dad that are not so selfish and immature that they take an active and involved role in the development of their kids. Course, this is kinda hard when most kids are born by mistake and out of wedlock....but that is an entirely new problem.

This is a general statement, not in response to the OP specifically and this thread is steering way off the OP topic.