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Hey All,

Got a curious question for those already going hardcore into the wonderful operations we know we all will eventually be doing at some point, heh.

I'm wondering, if you're locked out to the Operation (I assume it's similar to WoW, where the moment you kill the first boss it locks you to that instance).. Can you still join another groups Operation? But obviously not get any loot?

Not sure if you've heard of this before, but one and probably the ONLY thing DCUO did right was how they handled their raids. Basically, you do the raids, and than after you complete it, or down whatever bosses you could, it saves you via the boss and not the instance itself.

Meaning, if you go back the next day or even the same night later for example (before the reset) to help other friends out, you can go inside and kill the bosses and be apart of all the fun stuff, but when it comes time to loot droops you will not get anything. (As you've already gotten Loot for that boss for the week)..

So I'm hoping that TOR perhaps uses a similar system, but I have a feeling it's more like WoW in this case and since we're still about a week or two away from doing our own operations in our guild; figured I would just ask to those that already know, so we can set a long term strategy for our guild. (aka probably recruit more members, heh)

thanks everyone,