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Thank you for stopping gold farmers and banning them.
This is really what this is about, credits are going for as much as $10 per 10,000 credits.

Goldfarmers are jumping on anything they can do to make alot of credits and this is a easy way to do so.

We are already seeming gold spammer and farmer ingame mails being put out.
If you are level 12 and in a level 50 zone you need to be removed from the game, you have no business being there
But not everyone is doing this. That's the case. And you can just say "everyone is doing this".. Your sterotyping them. I farm herbs with my companion while questing.. does that make me a botter then? Ofcourse not. Its the same as slicing for higher content areas. Either go and add a level cap on the chests that are being sliced... - have it so that the person can't enter the planet till level X. BUT DON'T blame the poor lad/lass for trying to make extra credits.

Quote: Originally Posted by StephenReid View Post
I'd like to draw your attention to this part of the statement again:

The actions taken by these accounts - and again, this is a relatively low number - were not 'normal gameplay'. Everything you have listed above is what we'd consider 'normal gameplay'.

While we will not being going into further details of the accounts that were actioned against, suffice to say they were not conducting any activities similar to what you described.
Read above.. its not the person fault for making extra money. What unbalance would the person put at this level? We're all making a lot of credit via questing anway so your statement's quiet invalid. Furthermore banning the person just because YOU think its bad, is just poor planning. Read above on the suggestions I've given. If not I can list them one more time:
  1. Put a level requirement on the box/item
  2. Put a level requirement on the planet
  3. Sort your rules out
  4. ???
  5. Profit!