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Think about what you are agree too. they are saying you cant stand in a area for long term and kill mobs, clearing it so you can loot a chest. I'm not sure how this breaks any rules. They have worked for it, they killed the mobs, the earned the chest. Its not a quest item or mob. they are not hurting anyone else.

If that is the case, when you get a quest to kill 50 mobs in a single area they by rights are allowing you to break the rules temporarily? SO if there are only 3 camps that spawn said mobs and you hang out there for pre-set period of time I should expect a suspension or ban?

If they don't want me on a planet at level 10, then level lock the planet. problem solved.

I don't see how a level 30 is going to clear a level 50 area. So if a level 50 agrees to help the 30 clear it and get loot, again, if that isn't allowed why have guilds or groups. You cant solo black talon at 10, so if you go in there with a group of people you still haven't earned that loot, you didn't solo it.

if you want people to solo content, maybe a MMO isn't such a good idea?
I'd like to draw your attention to this part of the statement again:

... they were systematically and repeatedly looting containers in very high numbers resulting in the game economy becoming unbalanced.
The actions taken by these accounts - and again, this is a relatively low number - were not 'normal gameplay'. Everything you have listed above is what we'd consider 'normal gameplay'.

While we will not being going into further details of the accounts that were actioned against, suffice to say they were not conducting any activities similar to what you described.