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Glad to know BioWare will suspend or ban people who choose to go to a planet at a lower level to get chests that may contain credits.

Unless stated specifically in the ToS, collecting mass amounts of money is not against the rules. If you happen to trade that money for real life currency that is one thing, but collecting as much wealth as possible has never been against any MMO rule.

I have no issue with BioWare banning accounts of those that hack other players accounts or end up selling gold for real-life currency. Now if BioWare is suspending players for going to a world above their level just to open chests or farm them, how is that against a rule?
I agree. I haven't done this, but honestly, it sounds like fun. Sounds like an Indiana Jones-like thrill of getting the treasure in an area that is incredibly dangerous to your level. Shame to know that you can get in trouble for playing the game the way the developers designed it.

Bioware, if this sort of thing is something you really want to restrict, then you should just restrict travel to planets based on level altogether. I don't support this, but I'm just saying... if you let the player travel to the planet and loot what they want, and then they do so, how are they breaking any rules?