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What I love is how the people complaining are the ones who are doing something wrong. It is easy to see in children. When a child defends something profusely you can almost gurantee they are doing something they shouldnt. Just play the game. Farming credits all day for yourself is completely fine. It is a mechanic of the game. What is not a mechanic is exploiting the game to farm credits. That is what was happening. Metrics are very easy to use to show that. How is this confusing to anyone? They already said they have rescinded some of the suspensions/bans if they were in error. Calm down and have fun ingame.
So farming boxes/nodes over and over is exploiting? People were warned/suspended for sitting on nodes and looting them. If they want to do that they should be able to do so. There is no mechanic being abused.

P.S. A little helpful advise...Just because someone thinks something is wrong and expresses their POV doesn't make them a child. Often the one rushing to insult is the actual child.