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01.02.2012 , 12:32 PM | #6
My crew and I have only just started doing hardmode FPs. We've been playing together for years now, so as far as synergy goes, it's hard to find much better. These FPs, though, they are kicking our asses. Our tank (Guardian) is clad in full T1 equiv or better (including some T1 pieces with augs.) I, as a Sentinel, and our Scoundrel and Commando each have T1/T2 equiv gearing. Seemingly every boss we encounter goes enrage or is due to go enrage within seconds of the end of the fight. In a couple of cases we have actually won encounters on the back of the tank dying to enrage and me popping my 5 second invuln, while the other two go full DPS.

Right now we are hung up on Ironfist. We seemingly can't get this guy below 25% before enrage, so it's not even close. We've tried everything from ignoring the adds to trying to single heal, much to no avail.

Enrage is all well and fine as a failsafe to prevent healspam to ezmode encounters, but this is ridiculous!