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No but your comment sure is.

This game reacts no different than games like LoTRO and others. If you like WoW, which btw is a dumbed down version of most combat systems, then too bad. This isn't WoW and I personally do not have problems with the combat system.
Wow is simply the point of reference for most people when it comes to smooth and responsive play. That game has set the standards for the MMO genre and matching the smoothness of control and character responsiveness of WOW should be a massive priority for any MMO developer.

As I have said, the ultimate hook in any MMO is the combat and feel of the character itself, yet repeatedly over the past 6/7 years, MMO developers either fail to realise this, or can simply not match Blizzard's excellence in this area. I'm not sure which it is, and I don't care, but the results are the same with a list of games which have not lived up to their potential.

I do not want SWTOR to join that 'club' but its on its way at present.

The game should not be reliant on only the content rewards (items/gear/skillup/levelups) for its player interest. The combat is the ultimate hook and if it isn't fun, the game isn't fun, although it can limp along for a while as a result of all of the other incentives to play. Bioware need to realise this!

How many people remember that in the first few months of WOW's release there were open world PVP wars involving hundreds of people on each side before PVP rewards even existed? There was no honour system, no fancy armour for kills... nothing. The combat was just FUN, and it always has been. The first MMO developer to realise this crucial fact and effectovely act on it will become rich beyond belief. Get the combat/character control/responsiveness right and everything in the game is easier and flows from that.

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