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If it's just a straight-up combat situation, the one key thing to remember is that just the Imperium of Man in 40k has resources that dwarf even the Infinite Empire from Star Wars, and make the Empire (any era) and the Republic (again, any era) outright envious with the sheer volume of manpower available to the Imperium.

We're talking about people that regularly lose trillions of people to something as simple as accounting errors on a regular basis and doesn't even begin to notice or care for the most part. While still waging wars on every front, outside and within.

I dunno, though, outside of slugfest scenarios: Both settings have their appeal (Warhammer in general gets better the second you realize that taking the fluff seriously is totally not required, and not even something encouraged). Different strokes.

Star Wars is a heck of a lot easier to think about in literary terms, though - and is generally more relateable (which is partially by design, what with 40k being a dystopian 'worst case scenario' crapsack world kind of deal).
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