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There is no hardmode for Hammer Station. We being running Black Talon HM for days now, farming gear drops to prep for operations. There is a tight enrage timer on Commander G but you can kite him as a tank after he enrages.

There is also a tight enrage timer on the bonus droid boss but you can los him behind a pillar.

For the last boss (bubblegum), her enrage timer is short too and so far we have not found a way get around the enrage timer. (bubblegum) (Commander G) (bonus droid)
Or your dps could actually spend the million+ credits they got during leveling and buy some decent upgrades/figure out how to dps. Enrages shouldn't be a problem in BT with how easy most of the mechanics are.

Also lol to how people say SWTOR isn't free epics, BT HM and pvp are an example of just that.