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I was talking mainly about Black Talon and Hammer Station bosses, seeing as we've only done those.

If you claim that is infact a timed enrage, ill tell my group to step it up.

I might have been mistaken, but the enrage always seemed to occur at 25% flat.. probably just a coinsidence.

Thanks for the feedback
Since this thread seems to consist of a bunch of wannabe blowhards...(btw didnt know Hammer has a hardmode!)

There are 2 kinds of Enrage on the Black Talon bosses: hard enrage (happens after a certain time period) and soft enrage (happens at a particular percent).

For example, Yadira Ban has a hard enrage after around 2 minutes. This is a mechanic designed to wipe groups. Her soft enrage is at 10%, and should be planned for with cooldown usage by a tank; ie I'm a Juggernaut so I pop Invincible plus Saber Ward plus the Last Stand type ability (cant remember SWTOR name) and if I have one an armor adrenal. The idea is that at 10% eveyrone needs to pop cooldowns to kill the boss.

I think it's a bit silly that the effects are one and the same in this game; typically in MMOs the timer-based enrage is a guaranteed wipe while the percentage based ones are a bit softer but there doesn't seem to be any difference between the damage output in SWTOR. This usually results in DPS dying to AOE effects by the boss sub-10% "because screw you that's why".

Anyways there's your answer, I read all of page 1 and people being snide so someone may have answered you on P2, but I'd had enough misinformation by the time I got there. FYI, I've cleared HM BT twice and just killed FE yesterday, I've been 50 for all of 3 days (IRL not played).
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