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It depends on how you want to compair.

I terms of sheer strenth of arms the 40K win without a doudt.

I terms of everything else.
Star wars.

Also i like to point out that imperial gaurd is the counter part of a storm trooper and not the space marine's,

Space marine's would have to be countered by commando's, dark troopers etc.

Now i terms of culture star wars would win.
And if we had to merge the two galaxie enemies wont stop fighting eatchother just because more are added.

While i dont doudt that ctan gods are powerfull there also starving any sith or jedi would simply let them starve.

The emperor is stuck to this throne and if however unlike he was assasinated it would disabled all imperium space travel where hyperdrive's still work.

Add to that while the space marine's are perhaps the deadly's warrior's in this topic they are xenophobic and close minded.

A jedi is open minded and seeks understanding and are thus able to gain countless of allies.

Now given the fact the imperial gaurd can surviver(with heavy losses) agains numberless threat's of space i dont doudt that the star wars troops can also survive agains the same threats(with the same losses).

And i cant stress this enought.

Space marine's are not equile to jedi.

They are great warrior's but so are dark trooper's commando's mandilorains(all beaten)
A jedi is not invicebol but is far more likely to survive purely because of the force guiding them.

Both jedi and sith are probley equal to a liberian/socceror.

Powerfull but not invicebol and more importaned there accauly smart.

Now as for the demons and the chaos powers.

The chaos powers are to busy killing eatchother to care for the meterial world and are unable to cross into the meterial realm without help.

i cant really say much on the chaos gods without playing the god card so i wont argue about them.

The tyranids are beated by sw the same way 40K beats them.

The necrons are like the trade federation(tho stronger weapons) and thus easy to beat using basic militery tatic's(all factions)

And the eldar are beaten by sw the same way 40K beats them.

Also all remains eatchothers enemies so you never know who might screw you next.

That said:

The short answer star wars is smarter while 40k is stronger.

On related note.

Borg(star trek) angels(real life) dimigods(me) god(the almighty) could beat the crap out of all the prenamed factions.
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