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Seeing as there are so many different topics about different flashpoints i thought it would be nice to make a single topic with all the known bugs people have run into instead of multiple topics.
This could make it easier for bioware to look through and hopefully fix the issues sooner.

When bugs get fixed i'll put a red 'fixed' behind the bug so it is still available for future reference should people somehow run into it.

Keep in mind this topic is for bugs and not for discussion of 'overtuned' bosses.

Boarding party
General boss loot bug:
After killing the boss the chest wont open aka, no loot.
Possible reason: Whiping during the first attempt has a high chance of causing the chest to become bugged. Another posible reason could be that people kite the boss too far from his initial position.
Possible solution/work around: One shotting the boss (killing him in the first attempt), keeping the boss close to the origional spawn spot.

Commander Jorland reflective shield bug: (submitted by Nahaj)
Killing Lt. Massey does not cause the reflective shield to drop on Commander Jorland
Possible reason: Unknown.
Possible Solution/Workaround: Suicide rush the boss

[Hard mode] Directive 7
Mentor laser bug:
When fighting mentor after all the cores are down there is a green laser that randomly targets players and does damage. If your team whipes on this part of the fight and want to try to do the fight again the lasers will also be there in the first phases of the fight instead of only being there on the last phase.
Possible reason: Fails to reset the laser to activate only at the last phase of the fight.
Possible solution/work around: Currently none.

Mentor shield bug: (submitted by malevs)
After taking down the cores the shield doesn't come down.
Possible reason: Unknown.
Possible soltuion/work around: Unknown.

[Hard mode] Battle of Ilum
Darth Serevin chest bug: (submitted by malevs)
After killing the boss the chest wont unlock.
Possible reason: Unknown.
Possible solution/work around: Unknown

Krel Thak shield bug: (submitted by fusrodahz)
Interrupting the cast of his shield can bug and cause him to still get his shield.
Possible reason: He may recast the sheild but it doesn't show a cast bar.
Possible solution/work around: Interrupting twice despite no cast bar sometimes seems to solve this issue.

Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel chest bug:
After killing both of them the chest wont open.
Possible reason: Accidentel whipe on first attempt.
Possible solution/work around: Dont whipe, kill them in the first attempt.

[Hard Mode] The False Emperor:
Jindo Krey shield bug: (Submitted by tomic)
Ship does not react to the cannons, after it comes back to the front. Shield of the boss doesn't get blown up by the rockets of the ship.
Possible reason: Unknown.
Possible solution/work around: Unknown.

[Hard mode] The Foundry:
Revan lightning bug:
Whenever revan hits 50% health he changes to dark side and during the fight starts channeling lightning (not the force storm but the lightning he shoots from his hands), when he does he one shots people that he focuses his lightning on.
Possible reason: the damage he is supposed to do over the duration of the channel gets done with every tick.
Possible solution/work around: whenever he is going to channel lightning he uses both arms in an animation to channel lightning if you see that animation cast interupt to prevent his cast and skip the damage.

These are the bugs i so far encountered myself. Please post the once you found and i'll update the first post accordingly. Try to use the following concept:
<dungeon name>
<boss or general bug>
<bug discription>
<possible cause of the bug>
<possible solution / work around>