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Having played some different toons now, both Sith and Jedi, Empire and Republic, I'm starting to get the idea that the Force is much more messed up than I think it should be.

There are too many "greyish" situations where motivation seems to be more important than action, which seems backwards. Saving one life at the cost of millions is not a light side act. Condemning hundreds of soldiers to death from wounds to save a handful of thieving refugees who will die anyway if the soldiers are overrun is not a lightside act. Being unwilling to break rules , when those same rules are being used by a corrupt senator to results that could kill thousands, is very simply not a light side act.

Yet I am not saying BW fludged those assignments of LS/DS points. Not at all. I think Kreia was very right when she said the Force needed to be destroyed or purged. I think it's completely imbalanced in the time of the game, to the point where it is completely warped.

LS / DS points are just supposed to be an informal way to track your character progression, and to indicate which acts have consequences. But imagine if you didn't have the little LS / DS indicator there, gently informing you that kissing is a darkside act roughly equivilent to shooting someone in the head. What if you just played through and were only able to track your LS/DS level once you reached thresholds of 1000?

One would end up thinking the Force was merely twisting people to it's own ends. And I think it is. Most of the LS choices do nothing to avert war. On the contrary , too many of them seem shortsighted and will end up in the Republic back in the same mess it was before the Treaty of Coruscant. And that's what the Force wants, because it wants the Sith destroyed, regardless of the cost to various innocent lives.

The Force is not "good". Kreia was right.
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