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not even a problem worth mentioning and no, it shouldnt be a simple case of H/T/D/D. You know the mechanic, so take a group which will allow you to beat it. if you didn't and its your first run through, i feel for you but unlucky, if you knew and went anyway, well failure rewards stupidity.
I like it, its a fitting end considering Malgus is epic and i have no doubt we'll see him again. especially if revan keeps making an appearance, oh and HK47 which i am severely bored of now.
Since the rest of the instance, and the malgus fight prior to the knockback is a simple case of H/T/D/D, I do think that actually finishing him of should be doable with any group combination. He can still be thrown down, but it should be doable by all classes. If you are after harder fights or something I would not mind the rest of the fight beeing alot harder, because it is a joke as it is now.