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I was talking mainly about Black Talon and Hammer Station bosses, seeing as we've only done those.

If you claim that is infact a timed enrage, ill tell my group to step it up.

I might have been mistaken, but the enrage always seemed to occur at 25% flat.. probably just a coinsidence.

Thanks for the feedback
There is no hardmode for Hammer Station. We being running Black Talon HM for days now, farming gear drops to prep for operations. There is a tight enrage timer on Commander G but you can kite him as a tank after he enrages.

There is also a tight enrage timer on the bonus droid boss but you can los him behind a pillar.

For the last boss (bubblegum), her enrage timer is short too and so far we have not found a way get around the enrage timer. (bubblegum) (Commander G) (bonus droid)