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01.02.2012 , 06:36 AM | #5
The boss has two abilities, defensive screen and proximity probe. Defensive screen makes the boss immune to all damage and if you don't interrupt it it will make meeting the enrage timer alot harder. Proximity probe will deals about 7k damage to any melee DPS/tank that gets near him when he has that probe up and knock them back.

Krel, the boss, will cast his defensive screen right after the stun he throws. It is a 2-3 second cast you can interrupt. After that he will cast proximity probe and attempt to cast his defensive screen again. We had tank and marauder trying to interrupt the casting of defensive screen as much as they could.

It seems the boss put up his defensive screen + proximity probe every other wave of adds. These adds can be taken out by a bounty hunter dps's death from above pretty quickly.

What we ultimately had issue with is meeting the enrage timer, we pulled the boss a bit out to give us a bit more time to react to the adds. We wiped multiple times at 12-15% due to enrage and were not making any progresss so we called it a night and going back in when we get more gear (especially dps).