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01.02.2012 , 05:54 AM | #8
I have done the instance twice. I find this a problem too.

The problem for me is that the rest of the instance is easy, both groups did fine and we did not wipe up until Malgus. And Malgus is piss easy up until the knockback phase, with the first group we eventually made it, but everyone agreed on that it was a **** mechanic, especially considering the phase prior to that is just tank and spank, you do not even have to kite him during the "face him alone" phase.

With the second group we only had one knockback that seemed to work, an assassin tank, we knocked him over many times to the ground but no other knockback seemed to have an effect. Tried about 10 times, with about 2 successful knockbacks each try. We eventually gave up, having spent about as long on malgus as the rest of the instance combined and agreed on that it was a **** fight.

It is really frustrating to not beeing able to finish because of a mechanic like this, that seems to rely more on luck or the right class combination rather anything else.