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Why do people keep bringing up WOW and whatnot? Who cares? I don't think a lot of people would want to play a broken, buggy, unpolished game, even if it was WOW, today. That's all that matters. I don't care what other MMORPGs are like or how they have dealt with problems. I simply want the product I bought to be up to some pretty reasonable expectations. I don't think asking a game to consistently work is asking for too much.

Also, the excuse that they'll be updating Karagga's Palace in a month doesn't really work because even Eternity Vault is hugely broken. Once again I'd like to point out the third boss is broken. It literally does not work and gets stuck a majority of the time. Just to be clear, that is not an exaggeration; I mean that if players get eight "attempts" on the boss over four will have to be reset due to the boss getting stuck. Some guilds have reported having to reset the instance eight times in a row for it to work.

Plus, I even listed examples that don't involve raiding.
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