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Working on Soa HM 16 at this point. Plan on starting NM with the reset. Looking like 16m is easier on the lightning balls than 8m. We had him to 15-20% many times over in a couple hours or attempts. Looks to be killable, we didn't see anything that would stop a kill at that point. It's just a matter of dealing with balls in P3, while not falling behind. We were only doing this with 15 people as well, if you wonder why HM. Screenshot on homepage.
He feels killable on 8m, dealing with the balls is easy, it just punishes you severely for bringing melee since any time a ball is on a melee his DPS is stopped, and every time one goes through melee all melee DPS is stopped.

Otherwise you just alt-T them to see who they're on and have that person run to the ball and blow it up (or if they're ranged, stand still, DPS boss fully, and ball will just explode when it gets to them), they only explode for 5-6k damage as opposed to the 3k/sec they do in AE to everyone in range. We had a few sub-10% wipes tonight and half our raid is melee :|