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Hi, Charagon.

My preference is Bioware delayed the game for a month or so and ironed out these bugs. MMORPGs usually only get one shot to hook players in, and the first impressions of endgame are not hooking many people in.

Please keep in mind I'm in the crowd that is hooked in. I'm even paying for a three-month subscription card tomorrow. I'm just worried about the general population and the quality of what I'm paying for.

This is a good point. The endgame being unpolished is just the cherry on the top for a lot of players.
Don't worry so much about the general population. Bioware themselves say the majority of people are in their late 20's early 30's and will never see many of these bugs you mention.

Honestly, a couple un-named mobs and bosses that spawn in the wrong place is pretty damn good for polish on an end game 11 days after release. Our expectations might be a little high, especially those of us that rushed to 50.

Of much larger concern is the state of the interface. This impacts players from the very beginning, is universally panned for being terrible, and has much more influence on a persons general game impression than some trash they forgot to name and a boss that likes to spawn where a raid enters a room to a dungeon many of the players wont see for at least another month or two.
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