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Hi, Charagon.

Quote: Originally Posted by Dianoia View Post
It could have launched with two, perfect four man flash points, no ops, and no hardmodes.

What would have people complained about then?
My preference is Bioware delayed the game for a month or so and ironed out these bugs. MMORPGs usually only get one shot to hook players in, and the first impressions of endgame are not hooking many people in.

Please keep in mind I'm in the crowd that is hooked in. I'm even paying for a three-month subscription card tomorrow. I'm just worried about the general population and the quality of what I'm paying for.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aurite View Post
please dont forget that many of us are being burnt out by the bugs we wade through just to get to endgame, so when we get to endgame the realisation that the longer we played, the higher we leveled the less complete the game becomes. Its like a reverse universe where we are punished more and more as we level.
This is a good point. The endgame being unpolished is just the cherry on the top for a lot of players.
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